Ebb and Flow - Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Ebb and Flow - Acrylic Paint on Canvas


Abstract Painting 60 x 60 cm


Original Painting on deep edge canvas.


About the collection -


As someone with an anxious, busy mind, this abstract series has been a great escape for me over the past year. Having been let go temporarily from my full time job and the fear and uncertainty of covid I turned to this abstract way of painting. With no real plan to ever release it I just really enjoyed the process and getting lost in the pieces.


Pre pandemic I lived a busy life. I was working full-time, while trying to develop my artistic style and build a sustainable business over evenings and weekends. This was tough, balancing work, my own business and social activities I was contantly exhausted and always rushing around trying to do everything. The “new normal” forced me to take a step back from the rat race I participated in and forced me to reevaluate how I lived.


It has given me the opportunity to re-set and recalibrate my life. I have kicked some bad habits and created some new healthy lifestyle changes. I now work a 2 day week in my “day job” which has given me time to fully participate in my life. I’m more relaxed, calm and present in life now. I use yoga, running, walking, sea swimming and most importantly Art to keep my mind in a positive space! This abstract series reflects all of these parts of my life. The process of painting, playing with colours, textures and shapes with no specific intention other than becoming lost in the experience is a therapy for me, it calms my mind, reassures my soul and I love it.


I hope you enjoy my new abstract series, as much as I have loved creating it. For anyone who would like to purchase a piece, I hope it brings as much joy and fun into your home, as is has to me and mine.


I truly believe this is art to brighten up your heart and your home.